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Remember to read the license, before distributing. The original PDF, with no modifications, is the only one licensed, for re-distribution. Please do not offer this book, in print, or in any other file format, or make any other modifications, to the PDF file. I will take you to court, if necessary, if you don't follow the license (which is included in the first section of the PDF). Do not add my books to any online bookstore, or file sharing service, as they usually try to convert my books, to another file format, automatically. If you want to distribute my books in another file format, I have Zip bundles by Topics, Reference, and Main Series, as well as by device type, which you can distribute, under the same conditions.


Better and better is a good title for this book collection as one of the things that has really encouraged me throughout 12 years now with Schizophrenia (and undiagnosed several years before that) is that things continue to improve. Each time a person with Schizophrenia has a paranoid/psychotic episode, they recover less and less afterwards. The top 4 things that have kept me out of the hospital are God, family support, taking my medicine regularly, and my refusal to give up. In the last few years, the veterans psychiatrists that prescribe my medicine (I get a new one every couple years) have had a hard time accepting my diagnosis even though I have all the symptoms, because a person with Schizophrenia not only cannot stay out of the hospital for long, but never would even dream of writing even on book.

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