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Remember to read the license, before distributing. The original PDF, with no modifications, is the only one licensed, for re-distribution. Please do not offer this book, in print, or in any other file format, or make any other modifications, to the PDF file. I will take you to court, if necessary, if you don't follow the license (which is included in the first section of the PDF). Do not add my books to any online bookstore, or file sharing service, as they usually try to convert my books, to another file format, automatically. If you want to distribute my books in another file format, I have Zip bundles by Topics, Reference, and Main Series, as well as by device type, which you can distribute, under the same conditions.


This book includes lists of humanities (philosophy, religion, history, literature, and art) related books including classics/primary Asian sources, historical e-books (on Eastern Christian church history, major Asian religions, and Asian regional histories), Church documents (concerning the liturgy, history, and theology of the Oriental Orthodox churches, gathered from Eastern and Western Church websites), my eclectic iTunes playlists (of music, audio books, and e-books), and lists of disaster supplies.

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