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Fighting and Making Fun of Ambiguity

Network Summary

BEN-NEW's Network
BENjamin-NEWton Challenging Projects Network
by Ben Huot
Academic Non-Fiction E-Books & More Free Stuff

Word Picture

  • World held in God's hands
  • Door on top of mountain acts as portal to God
  • Person kneeling and listening to knock at other side of door
  • Cross/sword acts as bridge through door for person to God's hands

Website Network Topics

Unusual / Unique

Religion and Politics



Informational Website

This is an Old School Informational website

General Book Statistics

  • 2,686 pages of unique text written over 20 years
  • average of 1 essay or poem written every week for over 20 years
  • average of 134 pages written every year for over 20 years

Book Statistics by Period

  • 789 pages written from 1998-2007
  • 1,111 pages written from 2008-2011
  • 786 pages written from 2012-2018

This website adheres to the following

No Money

Entire E-Book Downloads, in Multiple Popular Formats

  • No Cost
  • No Ads
  • No DRM

Privacy Respected

  • No Tracking
  • No Ads
  • No Personal Information

No Bugging You

  • No Selling
  • No App
  • No Newsletters

Quick Facts About the Author and Designer

I am all of the following

I am from and live in Eugene, Oregon (America)

Network Ownership

"Think Critically" with BENjamin-NEWton's Network © Ben Huot 1998-Present.

Website designs and all content not marked with a specific license copyrighted, from 1998-Present. I am the webmaster of this network, which includes 7 different, but related websites.

These websites all serve different purposes or audiences, but all share one thing in common: they are all created by me and are about me and my mission/ministry. I am the webmaster, so that I not only create everything on these websites, but also have designed and done all the technical things, to make this site work well, on a wide range of the most popular devices.

I have worked on all this for 19 years now, while understanding that I would never make any money off of it, as my niche is too small.


Welcome, visting human, pet, toy, or automated software

My stuffed toy bear Fred says I don't have Schizophrenia, but he does

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Before Distributing my Book

Remember to read the license, before distributing. The original PDF, with no modifications, is the only one licensed, for re-distribution. Please do not offer this book, in print, or in any other file format, or make any other modifications, to the PDF file. I will take you to court, if necessary, if you don't follow the license (which is included in the first section of the PDF). Do not add my books to any online bookstore, or file sharing service, as they usually try to convert my books, to another file format, automatically. If you want to distribute my books in another file format, I have Zip bundles by Topics, Reference, and Main Series, as well as by device type, which you can distribute, under the same conditions.

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Website Card Data

  • Simplified Benjamin-Newton
  • My Mobile Website
  • For Handheld Devices
  • Complete Academic Non-Fiction Books on: Highly Sensitive People, Learning Discipline, Experiences Living with Schizophrenia, Military Experiences, Traditional Ethics, Christian Theology, Chinese Philosophy, World History, Sociology of Tech People, Book Recommendations, and Disaster Survival
  • © Ben Huot 1998
19 Years of Critical Thinking

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  • 256-Bit Security
  • Ben Huot
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  • This is my mobile website. Try my desktop website, if you want to see more.
  • Apple Watch, Apple TV, or other device users wanting a further simplified version, with less to look through, or wanting faster loading, over slow connections, should try the Really Mobile Wearables and TV Section.
  • This mobile site should technically work with wearables like the Apple Watch and TVs, but you will likely be happier (and have to scroll a lot less) in my Really Mobile Section.

Website Description

I am a researcher, writer, and designer for consumer, citizen, and seeker advocacy. I can improve your life, by giving you better advice.

What This Website Lacks

This website will work on almost any device, but lacks extra useful features of my main websites, like:

On the bottom of every page

  • webpages can be read aloud by computer (on every webpage, not just pre-recorded and automatically up to date)
  • you can change the webpage visual formatting (simpler or more complicated)
  • basic information like quick answers built into every page (so you can read them if you get disconnected from the Internet or just don't have to load another webpage)

Book Options

  • high resolution graphics and my books of illustrations (basically no graphics on mobile site)
  • newer writings that are not in a book yet (all my books are available on mobile site)
  • more book format options, like downloading multiple books at once or with different fonts
  • can search within book pages

More Content

  • up to date recommendations on music and book lists
  • my recommendations on how to build a website and documentation of my web design decisions
  • my original music and crosswords