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Help for Hacking Up Web Browsers ( Kindle Fire and Opera Mini)

(this is my mobile website)

You can also browse my website on a mobile device.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini now works with this mobile version of my website.

This only applies to the web pages and pictures. You may or may not be able to open the PDFs or multimedia, if you have the appropriate additional software.

Opera Mobile is an entirely different product which may or may not render this site fine. The Opera simulator online only simulates the Mini.

At the time of this writing, my main website seems to work correctly and is readable with the latest version of Opera Mini on my iPad, including the accordion expandable lists of links. The formatting looks a bit off, but it is fully functional, but I do not guarantee that this will stay that way.

Bloated vs. Efficient Websites

The reason why Opera Mini and Fire's Silk web browser work poorly, with my main website, is that I have worked on my website, for over 14 years and read about computers, almost every day, for at least 10 years. I use all the latest best practices and my website is as efficient, as is possible, without spending ridiculous amounts of money. I also update my website almost every day.

The problem that Opera Mini and Silk were designed to deal with is big sites like, who are very sloppy memory and bandwidth wise, and so these browsers aim, to remove all this extra useless data, automatically. The problem is, that whenever computers are set up, to make difficult decisions, they usually end up not working very well, because, although computers can process data very fast, they are very dumb at things, like analysis or synthesis. And websites are very complicated and are getting more and more complicated very rapidly.

There are many different ways to solve, the very different problems, that different websites are designed, to deal with. So, in the simplest terms, a browser, like Amazon's or Opera's compress graphics and fiddle with site formatting, assuming your website is designed the same way, as these large corporate websites are and, in the process, end up making graphics unreadable and breaking all the interactive elements of a website.

Simply put, there is very little you can do, to make my website more efficient and trying to do so will screw things up. To make sure it doesn't over compress my images, I could just send really high resolution images, which would make everybody else's access very slow, or I could make an entire site just for's web browser, but I am not going to do that.

But the biggest problem with these web browsers is that they assume that no one ever updates anything on their website, so you are often given an outdated version of my website, which could likely make it inaccessible, as I change many parts very often. This also makes it hard to test with, because it makes it difficult, to be certain, that I am (and you are) getting the latest version, of what I just updated.

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