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Help for Junk Shopping Devices ( Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble Nook)

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Two Different Sets of Problems

Junk shopping devices like the Barnes and Noble Nook and the Kindle Fire have problems because of their use of Google's Android without support, permission, or compatibility, plus Amazon decided to try to "improve" websites and ends up making them worse.

Who You are Buying From

What you have to understand about what these devices from Amazon or Barnes and Noble is that both these business are barely making money and could go bankrupt at any time, they provide virtually no help or support, and the devices are intended to be used by you to buy things from them only.

What They are Really Selling You

They are selling these pieces of junk, for less than is cost to build them and expecting to make up the money, in getting you to buy additional books or movie subscription services through them. They are not designed, to be able, to handle the web, or to use apps on.

What You Can Do with It

Web developers will not support them, because of the old versions of Android they use, their non-standard width to height proportions, and the lack of people who bought the product and the much smaller number who have even attempted to use a website on it (both Amazon and Barnes and Noble have actually been losing share, over the last few years, but will not give exact numbers, on devices sold, to anyone).

What They are Getting From You

Apple devices are often accused of only being useful, for media consumption, but that is the perfect way to describe the Amazon and Barnes and Noble devices. Another thing to note is that they only allow a a small portion of their hard drives to be used for downloaded or third party content.

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