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Help for Obsolete and Obscure Phone Users

(this is my mobile website)

You can also browse my website on a mobile device.

Blackberry (Legacy Phones)

I have tested my mobile website with a Blackberry Bold 9900 and although it technically displays the correct graphical layout, the quality and performance are terrible. The colors look washed out and the text isn't sharp. The display is also only half the size of an iPhone or iPod Touch. Technically this is workable, but the experience is terrible.

I recommend downloading and installing Opera Mini as it will provide a much better web experience for Blackberry users (OS 5 and older). Blackberry OS 6 users technically use the same browser technology, as Apple does on its iPads, iPhones, and Macs. But, after recent experiences, with the Google Android browser, using similar technology, Apple's browser is much faster and also seems, to have less bugs, or the features are much better, due to the underlying Apple OS (iOS and Mac OS X).

Microsoft (not Windows program compatible) Windows Phone

I have tested my main website, with a Windows Phone 8 web browser and it not only displays the correct graphical layout, but the quality and performance are acceptable. The colors look vibrant and the text appears fairly sharp. The display appears a little thinner than the iPhone or iPod Touch (but is actually 400x800). This browser is very workable and the experience is satisfactory. 0n the mobile site, the Windows 8 phone renders the graphical layout properly and is pretty snappy, but the colors are washed out, like on the Blackberry phone.

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