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Discover Why People End up with Non-Apple Devices (Mobile)

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What You are Sold

When you ask a tech enthusiast or a sales person at a phone or gadget store, they will tell you to buy anything besides Apple (for the tech enthusiast), because they like being able to hack their phones and assume you want to too, (for the sales person), because they get paid under the table by Apple's competitors.

The other major way people either think the device they bought is an Apple device, when it is not (Apple's leading competitor lost a lawsuit by Apple about copying Apple's devices so much that the other companies attorneys mixed the products up), or they believe the marketing that any black touch screen device is the same, or at least as good as the competing company's mobile phone version.

What You Get

Some people outright lie about their products like saying Apple products cannot multitask, only give entire hard drive size (without telling you that most of the space is already used up), or count space only available via those unreliable, slow, and not included memory cards.

They also should warn you about many software issues, like the prevalence of malware and scams for Android (but none for Apple devices), most non-Apple mobile devices cannot be upgraded, and that what is considered an app on an Android device would only be considered a wallpaper or app version of a website on an Apple mobile device.

What You Lose

The most ironic thing for software designed by Google is that it does a worse job of browsing the web than Apple's software: because of the poor choice in height to width ratio and resolution combination, most websites don't display the desktop version correctly on most non-Apple mobile devices (but just right on Apple's), Apple has a much better browser than most non-Apple mobile devices, and many more people browse the web much longer on Apple devices than they do on all non-Apple mobile devices together.

The real reason for these cheap devices is your personal information, because they are giving away the software or selling the hardware at cost, as they make their money on ads and ad companies find your personal information much more valuable, than you viewing the ad. Apple likes to play fair, and respect people's personal information, to their disadvantage.

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