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When Even My Simplified Website is Too Much

Too Slow or Too Much? Try Simplest Version For PCs on Dial Up (Modem), 2G and Lower Cell Phones, and ADD/ADHD Young People

Too Serious or Too Complex? Try Hobbies/Fun Website for People with More than One Job, Moms with Young Kids or Teenagers, Those Already Dealing with Serious Issues, and Anyone Else Not Getting Enough Sleep

This is My Mobile/Simplified Website

This Website is Optimized for Cheap Mobile Devices and Slow PCs.

A cheap mobile device is the same as a non-Apple device (Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, Mozilla). Unfortunately, the only quality consumer electronics manufacturer is Apple.

For those old enough to remember, Apple is very similar to Sony, 20 years ago. Just as Microsoft was exactly what businesses wanted, and business computer adoption pushed consumer adoption of Microsoft products, so Apple is exactly what consumers want and consumer adoption of computers has pushed businesses adoption of Apple products. Also, there are no mobile devices that are Windows program compatible or have full versions of Microsoft Office, despite the prevalent use of that trademark by Microsoft.

Should You Be Here?

This means that if you have an Apple mobile device (iPhone 4 or higher, iPod Touch 4 or higher, or any iPad or iPad Mini), I recommend my main professional site.

This site is for people with a competitor’s (faulty) device, like: junk phone (Google Android), junk shopping device ( Kindle Fire or Barnes and Noble Nook), or using an obsolete or obscure phone.

This site is also for people with a with other faulty equipment, like acompetitor’s (faulty) software (like using Opera Mini), or who have a sub-standard mobile connection (that is slower than 3G).

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