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Contemporary Social Issues

Information Revolution

Everything is Free

Future is War

The Internet and Hope

Unity and Purpose

My Place in Society

Network Introduction

Big Picture

A Better Place

Why I Explain and Argue My Ideas

What You Should Learn from Me



Ending Suffering

Mission Approach Overview

Problem of Suffering

The Ends Never Justify the Means

Living Christianity

Read This Article


Who Should I Follow and What Should I Do?

Risk and Change

Realistic Expectations

Bucket List

Morality and Individuality


Opposite World

Zen and Major Problems

Moving Forward



Sin is an Addiction

What is Sin?

Its An Addiction

God's Ideas

God's Point of View

God's Rules

Inviting God In

God Only

Fate and Freedom

More Spiritual Ideas

What is Spiritual?

How Christianity Can Be Misleading



General Religion

Science and Relevancy

Why Religion Makes Sense

Why are Some People Kind?

Christians and Christianity

What is so Unique About Christianity?

Why are Christians so Irrational?

What is Rational?

Separation Between Christianity and the State

Church History and Theology

Reformation Never Ends

Christian Unity and Theology

Post-Enlightenment Church

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