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Benjamin-Newton Really Mobile: Everything is Free

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The source of our problems today all comes from too much of a good thing. We live like emperors and we are destroying our world because we cannot get rid of all the waste. We have access to all information ever recorded, but we learn as little as possible. The truth sounds depressing if you buy into what our culture values.

America and the world will continue to get poorer, jobs will continue to disappear, and the weather will get really bad. We will not get a better situation in the future, because we have already created the perfect situation we can live in while we believe what we believe now.

We don't need a solution and more problems will not help either. We need a new philosophy. There is going to be no more growth. Everyone has already bought everything they need and everything they would like to buy. Capitalism is at an end because there are no more things to sell.

We need less people to run our system there ever before. There will not be a need for more programmers as more and more can be done with fewer and fewer people, and few people are disciplined enough or companies generous enough to allow them the time and resources to make good software. Microsoft has set up a system where everyone will use their products until they end of history, but they are slowly going out of business.

The information revolution will transform things so much that society will be run completely different. Things will be almost free, but few people will have jobs. Our governments will become more and more irrelevant and the leaders will be computer companies. But they will make very little money although they will have huge marketshare and numbers of users.

There will be 10 or 100 times as many computers as there are people. And security will get much worse. We will soon have no need for passwords or any security, because there will be no secrets and no way to secure anything. Everything is already compromised and we cannot release fixes as fast as vulnerabilities are found. Everything that makes money online or with computers will be basically a scam, or already is.

There will be no separation between the Internet and physical reality. Nothing created virtually will have any value, because there will be no way to protect it. We won't be able to become independent of computers, without going back to the stone age. This is the day for religion. Any positive contributions to society will be in the form of faith and divine intervention.

Instead of worrying about whether the terrorists blow someone else up, maybe we should learn how to make outhouses. Instead of protecting our country, lets consider whether it is relevant any longer. The good part is that we have a clear choice to make and we are almost ready to make it. We are almost at rock bottom, so we know we cannot wait any longer.

We need God. We do not need more stuff. God does not need us. God intervenes all the time and will continue to do so, but we are now blind to anything spiritual. We need to stop and pray and wait on God. We need to accept that while life without God is possible, it is not fun.

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