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Benjamin-Newton Really Mobile: The Future is War - 2016

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It is surprising that America is so filled with anger and fear, when life is better for more people then ever before, throughout most of the world. I think some people really do want war. the Middle East is so similar to America. I guess I was right about the apocalypse coming. We are being set up for a big war on all levels.

The best thing to do would be to split up half the world who know enough history to know that while fundamentally flawed, the system we have today provides much more happiness to so many more people. People fixate on Hitler, but he is not that different from Genghis Khan, the Russian Tzars, or the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

Both sides are convinced that our form of government which is theoretically a democracy but is really a hybrid of corporations, unelected officials, and computer databases will be fixed, if only they just vote one way. If you believe in conspiracy theories, as much of America and the Middle East do, there is no way to disprove anything. You just pick your side first and then justify it however you want to.

Everybody want simple extreme solutions that they think will fix deeper systemic corruption. I guess people who have not studied history, served in the military, or don't know much about computers fail to see the connections between these groups although surely troubling is actually better than many other viable solution.

It is great to be a leader with values, but that is almost impossible. The only people who want to be elected politicians are people who are addicted to power and will do anything in order to achieve more and more of it, much like the kind of people who run corporations. It is great to strive for perfection and for morality, but it is foolish to think that switching leaders will change the way people think, which is what drives the whole machine.

To really change the system would be to change the way people think. We need to see things on a much greater scale of time and spirit. Whether or not we win and get our way, our future lies less in what we do and more in what we do not do. It is true that society is not headed in a good direction long term. The problem is that the solutions people think are all top down and will probably make things worse.

The real scary thing is that people who seem intelligent with good judgement end up wanting to fight wars against each other. There seems to be no middle ground, which means there are no solutions to this division. People think that fixing politics means that you don't compromise, but this, if taken too far, nothing gets done.

When the French Revolution happened people thought of different causes, which all may be partially correct, but the fundamental problem is that there was a huge drop in bread production. Our system is very brittle logistically. If trucks do not arrive, for even a day, people go hungry in mass. Once they don't get three days of meals, our modern political system will fundamentally change.

If we have a revolution, who do you think will be powerful and how will they govern? After Katrina, people started showing up around town with guns and started ordering people around. Were they part of the police, emergency teams, the military, criminals, opportunists? The answer is it doesn't matter. Everything has a price and you rarely get what you want.

It is true that religiously inclined people will get more power if things fall apart. The thing is that usually this doesn't mean the groups that are acceptable to most people who have a choice in who they join. Think now of the kind of groups who would stockpile things, who have large quantities of guns and bullets who would be able to run things without government intervention.

You probably do not know any of these people and you likely will not ever want to meet them. Even the ones part of our government that aren't obviously corrupt at least believe the ends justify the means. This is what scares me: when people in power start to not trust their local population and they will do anything to accomplish their goals. Even good people can do terrible things, in these situations. Many people believe in different values when there is a convenient, identifiable enemy and they are scared.

So if we could magically end our dependence on oil or destroy our governments illegal databases that would be good change, but the kinds of change people are advocating in large numbers don't deal with things like this. We spend a lot of time deciding who the president is, who has little power over any one person and little time deciding who guards the bases and making sure the sewage system works. At this point we cannot even agree that we need to fix roads and bridges that may break down at any moment.

Any election won't get people to stop hating each other. At this rate, the anger will just keep mounting and neither side will compromise, even to keep the trucks delivering food. I don't know if we will have a civil war because of this, but this does not end well. And neither side is solving that problem, but, as they say, nature has a way of fixing these problems. A huge die-off sounds bad, but it will be better for everyone who is born after we die.

I guess we have different ideas of what is obviously problematic and will never agree. Just think of what will replace what you are tearing down. It is hard to get excited about the least of evils or the status quo which although great historically is slowly getting worse. But a boring life and even corruption beats anarchy. Good people will definitely be the most persecuted during an anarchy situation.

Torture seems to solve all your problems, until you are on the other side of the table. Empathy and kindness may seem impossible to bring to our society, but things can always get much worse. At this point, just expect everything to go to hell, because we are determined to make it that way. If anything turns out good as a result of this situation, be very grateful. Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

It is true that God is in total control, but He does let us have a lot of freedom, to determine our future. Things will work out in the end, but the suffering can be real bad along the way. Remember, God allowed Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. God already won the war spiritually, but it is our responsibility to at the very least be kind to each other. Otherwise many people will suffer greatly that don't need to. This we are responsible for, as individuals, in our own lives.

I see little point in politics, but the anger and fear result in a lack of kindness and empathy and that should be unacceptable. What kind of world do we want to live? Do we have something to look forward to for our children other than life after death? We have been saved from hell after death, but we still can experience unlimited suffering in hell on earth. Why hurry to make it that way? This is not the America I fought for in the military.

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