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Benjamin-Newton Really Mobile: What You Should Learn from Me

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Most people who write about religion and/or politics are looking to convince others of their point of view, and those that say they are objective are pushing their ideas on others even more forcefully. What I aim for is for my readers to not adopt my ideas, but simply convince them of the value of critical thinking. All my work is based on philosophy and philosophy is different from every other area of study, in that it assumes nothing and requires you to think, not just accept the ideas presented.

The first reason why I do not want others to simply follow my words is that throughout history many people claimed to follow different thinkers and often did something very bad, and the ideas these actions were based on were then attributed to that thinker, even though they never wrote any such thing. Another reason why I ask people to come up with their own ideas is because I know that I am only human and cannot be objective, because that is what the Bible says. I also find everyone following the same ideas very boring and enjoy a diversity of cultural and intellectual points of view.

What I do write is what I believe and I do believe in a few absolutes, coming from the Bible, but I want people to know that just because the Bible is true and my opinion is based on that, that doesn't mean what I say is absolute truth. God can be objective, but people cannot. Somewhere between the Bible and the preacher or theologian (including me) the message gets mixed up and people should believe what they understand the Bible says, no matter what any person or church believes.

Never put your faith in a person or organization. They will always disappoint. Put your faith in God and the Bible. God will never fail you.

I want people to be able to find God and follow Him, to the extent than they understand (not necessarily intellectual understanding) about God. I do believe that there is one way, to know you will go to heaven, but I also know that many people throughout history never heard the gospel and, since God is fair and merciful, I do not believe he would make people responsible, for accepting truth, that they have never heard, in a way that they can understand.

I do think Christianity is both the best faith and also the only true faith, but just accepting that intellectually, because you're convinced of some argument is a poor and unsustainable way to accept the truth of God's word. When someone becomes saved, it is God who brought the person to Himself and although we (believers) may play a part in explaining things about God, people don't generally make life decisions based solely on an argument, nor should they. You also have to be honest with where you are and go through certain life experiences and experiences with people and God, before you can really obtain the kind of faith, that is necessary to know for sure, that you will go to heaven.

As far as people being inspired by my writings, who have different religious views, feel free to take what you can and think critically. This is the first step to salvation. Whatever faith you choose, all of them are convinced, that the modern world economy is evil and corrupt and is contrary, to almost any religious teaching. Reading my work could be depressing, to people with a materialist view of reality and so I would advise them, to be aware of this, before they read very deeply, into my writings.

I do not believe that you can follow a simple set of steps or memorize some formula and that will be enough to help you live a good and happy life. Most of life is a mystery, including God and the Bible. There are a couple absolutes, that we can understand, but much of what goes on in the world is very irrational and ridiculous (how people treat each other and animals).

Our teaching system is designed for indoctrination and everywhere you look, people are looking for followers. I do not want followers. Don't be lazy: find your own path.

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