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Benjamin-Newton Really Mobile: Unity and Purpose

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Life has always been difficult, but today most are without hope. Without hope for the future, people begin to question everything and believe nothing. Philosophers call this period post-modernism, which means that we have moved past the situation of modernism, but not the mentality. Hope comes from faith that the future will be better.

In the modern world, we had unity and hope, but it was a false one and we created monster nations and started the process that lead to our present situation. Basically, we used everything up so fast that it didn't have time to grow back. It is discouraging for things to get a little worse each year. This is something that is difficult to accept let alone inspiring.

One half of our country is afraid we will recreate the problems of modernism if we find unity, while the other half totally rejects any basis for unity of purpose. We both need faith: one half needs to find faith, while the other half needs to start living it. Both sides need to learn to be kind and accept that we will always be different, while still holding fast to our own chosen ideas.

We need to find things in common, to work towards, but still respect that we can have a difference of opinions. We don't need to all think the same, but we do need to find some commonalities to build on. We both claim to be morally superior to others, so lets find some aspets of morality we have in common.

What we need to start with is kindness and honesty. If we can't do that, then maybe we need to part ways. Both conservative and liberal paths by themselves scare me. Maybe we can actually learn from each other. All of us need God, to find a productive and positive purpose. An easy way to find unity is to find a way to divide us and create a relatively weak "other" that becomes the focus of our problems.

Without morality, we are basically slime in a thin skin. We are so concerned with beauty and strength, that we fail to realize, that we can improve ourselves and our world, without material progress. The physical world has its limits and we have reached them. There are no more "moons" to go to or Hitlers to fight. There is no obvious course for us. We are at a time of great change and there are many equally good paths available.

We now have the rare opportunity to start fresh. Our society needs a culture and we can make our own or create one from other cultures. This means art, literature, philosophy, music, etc, but we need to make this understandable to the illiterate. What is really sad about our non-culture is that is all based on making money.

When great artists and writers in the past created their art or writing, it wasn't all done just to make money. People also spent great amounts of wealth on creating things for God or the gods like cathedrals and temples. Just like any person who is experiencing depression and lack of direction in their personal lives, is often first recommended to volunteer to help others.

Volunteering seems weak and ineffective to those thinking in the mindset of our current culture. Bigger is not better. Kinder is better. We have defeated the evil without and we need to take on the bigger challenge of defeating the evil within. Our society has destroyed all our external threats, so we now need to destroy our own selfishness. One way to do this is to create external threats, but this would then allow us to not truly rid ourselves of the evil in our hearts.

We need to see the spiritual world not as a parallel world to ours, but the bigger primary reality we are all living in. We need to prioritize morality over wealth and power. We will not succeed, as a nation, if we are not kind as individuals. If we persecute the minority, create external threats, or persecute the majority, we may seem to ourselves to be united, but not treating others well is a weakness, not a strength.

The even more serious threat to our country and especially the Internet is that although we have access to more information than ever before, we have less confidence in its accuracy then ever before. No one wants to study to learn the truth. We are more concerned with finding support for our beliefs. No one cares what the truth is: they just want to convince themselves and others that their current beliefs are the truth.

No one believes anyone, anymore. We can't even be sure who a person is, but at the same time the government knows everything about everyone. Computer security would not be necessary, if we were all honest. In reality, we can't get everyone to agree on this.

That is why we need to concentrate on acting through the spiritual world, by praying God's will be done. This will create any changes necessary, to fix the world that nothing else would be able to change. And as we understand spiritual things through faith, we will never see proof of this and someone famous will claim responsibility for it.

Simply said, we need God; He does not need us. This means God directly, not someone claiming to represent Him or His interests. In other words, no person or other spirit.

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