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Benjamin-Newton Really Mobile: Its An Addiction

Our world is seriously broken. We can all understand, with just a little knowledge of history, even over a very short time and have knowledge of human behavior, over a short period of time, but the real problem, that is destroying our world, and the real solution, to permanently solving these problems. The time line is exponential, but the start is insignificant, in the grand scheme of things. When you learn about history and live long enough, you realize that nothing really changes. Personal psychology is the same, anytime in history. The only real thing, that is changing now, is human power, to change the world and this is growing exponentially.

Our problem is, although we can make good choices, what really happens is that we make bad choices. Many people think that God is irrelevant, to our world and that the spiritual world has no power over us. Even good, faithful Christians don't really live lives of faith (in America and Europe, over the last 50 years), even though the vast majority of the world was and always will be very religious.

Just like when a person lives beyond their means financially, they get into trouble, they can fix the problem, by being responsible, or just put off the problem, but eventually they will get themselves into so much trouble, that they cannot fix their situation, by themselves. Just like a gambler, fixing the long term problem, of someone who is an addict, is not giving them more of what they keep on using. Giving someone more credit, who spends beyond their means, does not solve their problem. To solve addictions, you need to realize that you need help and cannot fix your problems yourself, alone. You go to counseling and learn how to make better choices. You also need to find others, with more experience, with the same problems (but with more success in prevailing against them), to help support your new, better decisions.

But most people, who become addicts, die of their addiction and are not successful, even though they could, if they were to make the right choices. Why do we continue, to make bad choices, when we know the results and have the ability to change? The answer is not one that can be found within politics, society, the economy, social movements, technology, drugs, medicine, diet, exercise, counseling, tradition, family, friends, or experts.

The solution is to first repent, of these wrongdoings, to God, our all-powerful Creator. We need to then accept that we did these things of our own free will and are fully, personally responsible, for all these decisions and their consequences. Next, we need to admit, that these decisions are wrong, unnecessary, inexcusable, and unacceptable. We must accept, of our own free will, that we do not have the power, within ourselves, or within our human institutions and human understanding of the world, to make the right choices.

The most important, significant, and most influential aspects of life always have and always will be spiritual, in nature. We were designed, by God, originally, to be in a close, daily, immediate, and personal connection with God, our Creator. Even before we made bad choices, we always have needed God, to even physically function, in the ways necessary, to stay alive. We have had bad influences and the accumulation of many bad choices has put is in a more desperate situation. When we reach rock bottom, we will know that we need God, and, if we are to survive, we will need to continually submit ourselves and our decisions, to the will of God. God knows us better than we know ourselves and it is foolish, to attempt anything, without His direct, continual, and spiritual support, in all aspects of our lives.

While our leaders continue, to try to make the world a better place, by trying to find a cause and a solution, we are pursuing a non-achievable goal. What we want to know is a way to solve our problems, without changing our habits and our way of life. We want an easy, one time solution, to solve everything, so that we can go on and continue, to live like kings. We want to know the exact limit, of how bad we can be, before we pass the line of no return, so we can enjoy making our bad decisions, as much as possible, without having to suffer the consequences. If we cannot solve the problem this way, then we want to just give up and party, until the apocalypse.

It all appears very discouraging now, to accept the world, the way it is, and realize that we have no control, over the decisions others make, as well as refuse to make good decisions, ourselves. The good news is that it is not too late. We will suffer, from our bad choices, along the way, but we can make our world a better place, by submitting ourselves, to the will of God and pray for His will to be done, rather than ours. People do terrible things like Hitler, Stalin, or Mao, but evil forces do not get to commit mass exterminations. The difference is that God wants us to be in control, of our own human world.

Although God can and does act, all the time, in our world, He wants us to ask Him, to involve Himself, in our world. Until we do so, He will take a less active role. The definition of faith is believing in something, that you cannot prove conclusively: it is the exact opposite of science and math. We do not know the future, or how God will change our world, even if we pray for this. Our world can go in any number of different direction, but, if we ask God to change our world, no matter how the world changes, we can know God will give us joy and meaning in life. We will also be guaranteed that, after we die, we will live forever, without any suffering. The only condition is that we own up to this being entirely our fault, be truly sorry, take a complete 180 degree turn, in our lives, and accept God's complete control over our lives, forever.

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