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Benjamin-Newton Really Mobile: God Only

Are you a believer in Christ? Do you believe that spiritual things are more important than wealth, power, knowledge, fame and the like? Then take God at His word and live like you believe in Him alone. Fully reject all these things that we think we need to use to spread God's message. Forsake every advantage we have gotten for ourselves in anything of the natural or social world.

If you really believe, choose Christ as your main and only thing. Choose the spiritual world, as your true reality. Think in terms of eternity alone and what is really important in life. Communicate this to others, in the way you deal with challenges in life. Be blind to and completely avoid using wealth, power, fame, and money, to further the agenda of the Church and never mix God's ways with peoples ways again.

The key to understanding God is through faith and not through knowledge. It is fine to understand why God says to do what He says for us to do, but this is not required. Obedience is. Faith is an act of the will and is the basis of what we need to do to accept God's salvation. A life based on faith is never really easy, if you make the choice to believe above all else and through it all.

Your life will also be completely unrecognizable and incomprehensible, to those who don't fully embrace the spiritual world. A life of faith separates you fundamentally from the way non-believers think. Today, we believe that we need evidence, to know what is true, but the true things that really matter are very simple, but extremely difficult to believe, because we must choose to believe, with a lack of complete knowledge.

Christianity has long attracted the best minds, because the Bible is beyond all other books of all other faiths, in every way, including subtlety and the number of levels of meaning. Remember, event the devil know there is a God, but that does not save him. We have to choose continually, to move closer or farther away from God.

To really live scripture, we need to change the way we think. Other people, who do not believe, should be shocked and confused by our behavior. Being Christian is about doing God's will, in place of our own. When we do something spiritually good, we seldom get any credit for it and often even suffer for it.

God is supposed to get the credit. That is why we need to reject building the Church through money and power. If we use money to buy influence, we get credit and not God. This is the way the world works, but the Church should not work this way.

This is not what the world thinks of as rational behavior. It is ok not to be accepted by the establishment or even by the Church. Jesus was rejected by the equivalent of the Church of His time as were the prophets of Israel. The downfall of ancient Israel can be attributed directly to the people wanting a king, whereas God's will was for Israel to be ruled by prophets He chose. Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived and started out faithful to God, but turned away, due to His wealth and His lust. Wisdom was not enough to save Him.

Most people are not scholars and most people throughout history never learned to read. We now see most people often choose not to ever learn, even when they have the opportunity. We need to forget trying to reason out our faith and convince others by our superior arguments. This may be the American way we think we run politics, but it is not God's way.

Obedience does not come from knowledge. You can be extremely smart and still have no self control or common sense. You can be extremely cunning and and politically adept, but still be stubborn and rebellious. Just because people follow what you say, does not mean what you say is the truth.

The truth is that we are really driven by our emotions and that we only use reason, as an excuse to believe, what we have already decided to believe. How often have you ever convinced anyone of anything, they didn't already believe? Did God try to reason with the religious and political leaders of his time? He even spoke figuratively expressly, so that even the religious scholars, who did not care, did not understand His message.

If you want to have faith and do not have it, read the Bible and pray for faith. God will surely freely grant you faith, by His grace. The way of Christ is not one of supernatural and flashy visual effects, that shock and awe people or the wisdom of the Greeks or modern day science. God describes His way is one of the foolishness of God, which is greater than man's wisdom, which is incomprehensible, to both those who reason things out and those who like to see dazzling act of power demonstrating it.

God wants use to use our will, not our minds or our hearts, to continually make a decision to believe in what we will never fully explain, and is beyond our comprehension. That is that God gives use freely what we could never earn or deserve, even if we were morally perfect. God accepts that we make mistakes and do morally wrong things, but decided to take the blame for that, if only we would choose to believe in Him, without complete proof or full compression of everything involved in this arrangement. If only we put God first, in our lives, God will save us, at any cost.

Remember, in life everything has a cost, both spiritually and physically, but God has chosen to offer the greatest gift free. He has done this despite our complete rejection of Him and our creation of suffering, by our lack of self control and greed. God has given up everything, and so we need to give up our minds, bodies, and souls over to His control day by day. This is the only way we can truly be happy or have peace in this life or the next.

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