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Benjamin-Newton Really Mobile: God's Point of View

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Many theological concepts coming from the Bible don't make sense, the way people explain them, because people are unwilling to see things from God's point of view. For instance, why is it so surprising, that the way to salvation and everlasting life, is by repenting of our sins and believing God raised Jesus from the dead.

From a human point of view, we look with awe, upon people who do great things, but we find out more and more about people's decisions in life, due to the instantaneous flow of information, that everybody has skeletons in their closets.

If we were to go back to the Bible times, we see that King David was a man after God's own heart and one of the few people before Jesus Christ's time on earth, who was filled with the Holy Spirit and he committed adultery. This was the source of the division of Israel into 2 kingdoms and the eventual diaspora of the Jewish people. This also affects us in modern history with the Holocaust and the re-establishment of the Jewish state, accompanied with the problem of the Palestinians.

Even, say someone was perfect morally: they are still finite, in everything they do. Even the greatest acts of heroes pale, in comparison, to God coming, to earth, as a Man (while still knowing He was God, but not using His powers) and dying in one of the most humiliating and painful deaths possible, at that time. It is the equivalent of us becoming electrons and living with the knowledge of being a human, but living with the restrictions inherit, in not even being a full atom.

The true enemy of God is not society, but His own people, who revolt against Him. Many people either believe they are following the example of Christ, by supporting the establishment, or by trying to bring it down. Few people in history really understood or were able to accept the way Christ revolutionized the world.

Christ was not a military or political leader, so no not expect positive spiritual news coming from military action or any of our political leaders. He did not transform the economy or the social world by activism or by enforcing laws, so do not risk your life or health by resisting political leaders or trying to uphold the laws.

He did not expand and discipline His mind by meditation, taking vows, building up His physical strength, taking drugs, or hurting Himself, to liberate Himself from or harden Himself to suffering, so do not expect to change the world mystically. Even healing people and feeding the poor was only a secondary goal of Christ on earth, so do not expect solving problems like hunger or disease will really solve our problems.

Christ refused to let anyone shift his focus, from the spiritual understanding of life and solutions, that transform us spiritually. When He healed people, He said He did something greater and more important: He forgave sins. Our biggest problems in life are usually caused by us, or someone else committing evil actions.

Christ wanted us not to reform others, but, instead, reform ourselves. Our greatest enemy is ourself. If you want to change the world, first focus on yourself. You can never do anything greater, than to overcome the evil, in your own heart, no matter how many people you feed or liberate.

You will by laughed at, by the world, when you pray God's will be done and keep yourself from evil, that can be done legally. But your true opposition will come from your fellow Christians. Who really wanted Jesus dead - the political establishment or the religious establishment?

Some of the greatest spiritual battles will be within our own churches, because they are one of the biggest targets of spiritually evil forces. Remember how religious people treated the prophets, of the Old Testament, and expect the same, to happen to you. If they do this, you are on the right track.

Reforming yourself is not just about following the Ten Commandments or even praying. There are many simple things you can do, in your life, that will help spiritually.

Here are some economically based ways to reform yourself and those close to you: make ethical decisions in the products you buy, find creative ways to reduce your expenses, get supplies and training to survive disasters, promote internet usage to empower individuals, and give away free content to support alternate opinions.

Here are some socially based ways to reform yourself and those close to you: network to expand your circles of influence, form relationships with your neighbors, encourage others, stay positive and increase your positive influences, and avoid mainstream assumptions.

Here are some spiritually based ways to reform yourself and those close to you: pray for God's will to be done, improve a specific animal's life, increase your understanding of the world, raise your kids to be good citizens, and take time to relax.

The news is very negative and your life may be depressing, but no matter what situation you find yourself in individually or we do collectively, you and we can improve our situation, by making good choices. There will be at least one big positive surprise, in our lifetimes, that will change things as much as the Internet. The future is not written and we need not give up. We will always find a way to exist and be happy, we will always find friends who serve God, and God will never leave us, no matter how far away we travel physically or in time.

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