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Benjamin-Newton Really Mobile: Inviting God In

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Why is life so unpredictable, tragic, and the problems we face so scary? The key to understanding life is to and to make your life better is to embrace the power of free choice. We spend so little time considering why we make the choices we make that we find it nearly impossible to become better people. People say they want freedom, but they do not realize this is an illusion. We don't need more choices; we just need to make better decisions. There is no magic way to fix our problems. We just need to start questioning ourselves and decide the real battle is about fighting the evil within.

Christians are afraid of the devil and the average person is afraid of some cruel person gaining power over us, but the only person we should really fear is ourselves. The only way to truly change our society is to start by changing our own minds. The reason why it is so hard to accept that we are the problem is because the world is based on the assumption that our worst enemies are each other or external forces. You have little control over the way the world works or what others choose to do, but you always have control over the decisions you make.

To start taking control of our lives, we need to accept that we have failed miserably and blaming others for our situations will never improve them. We need to learn to forgive others and ourselves and move on with our lives. We can be better people. We just choose not to. Once you realize that you are the key to joy in your life, you will find the strength to change your circumstances. What is the devils plan? - to discourage us, make us forget that we can change, and convince us to give up.

Even though we choose the wrong path repeatedly, our future is not set in stone. The universe is run by a kind and all-powerful God, Who is on our side. God does not want to make you feel bad about yourself. God is not looking towards making friends with us for His sake. God is self-sufficient and finds companionship within Himself. He does not need our praise, our money, or our allegiance. We need Him. We constantly fail ourselves, each other and God, but God will never fail us.

The big battle between good and evil has already been fought and won. God has defeated evil for us. In order to be part of this good future, we only need accept reality. It is not a surprise to people, with any degree of life experience, that humanity routinely fails over and over again. The surprise is not that there is suffering in the world: we can explain almost all of that just from what we can see other people have chosen to do and the natural consequences of this.

The real thing that seems to good to be true about life and about God is that there still is good in the world and God wants to help us, instead of punishing us. God doesn't want us to feel bad about what we have done: He wants to intervene, on our behalf, and transform who we are, by changing the way we think. Failure is pre-built into who we are, but it need not determine our future. God not only give us hope of overcoming our own selfishness: He also gives us supernatural power to make better decisions.

Believing in God does nothing if He did not exist. Most people know that God is real, but that will not change your life. You need to first accept that you need God. You have to accept that, although you are responsible for every decision you make, you do not have it within you, in and of yourself, to conquer the evil within you. The future is yet to be determined and you can be part of changing that future, if you accept God' help and then choose to make life better for you and everyone else you affect.

We cannot predict the future, because we have free choice and we have not made all our choices yet. Even if you know everything about everyone, you still cannot determine who will make what choices, because we all have free will. It is never too late to change. We do not need to accept complete failure, in our life or our society. There are many things out of our control, but we can make things the best they can be. God can heal anything we destroy, but we need to ask Him to interfere. God respects our free choice and does not want to interfere, unless we desire Him to.

We have seen the direction society takes when it rejects God. Take up God on His offer and you will see major positive changes in your life and situation. You will only experience true freedom, when you allow God to give you the power, to subdue the evil, within all of us.

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