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Benjamin-Newton Really Mobile: What is Spiritual?

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We have been snowed and misdirected, on what is important in life. History is a lie and we are not aware of the hidden battles, that we must fight, to control the world. You may think I am talking about aliens or some sort of supernatural forces. These are again misdirects.

The true spiritual battles take place in your mind and in the Church. The devil cannot make you do anything you do not want to do. According to the Bible, there are some very powerful forces out there, that wish to enslave us, but, although we have had cruel dictators in the physical world, we need not be fearful of these. The spiritual world has its own rules, but they are very different from the physical and human ones.

So, when I talk about spiritual solutions, to our problems, I mean two things: prayer to the Christian God and making better, more moral choices, in all aspects of our life. Your enemy is not anyone else, but your own mind.

Sin and evil does not come from any external forces. Sin is addiction and addiction is sin. Just as more money does not solve a gambling problem or more alcohol solve an alcoholics problem, military, economic, or social solutions will not solve our problems with sin.

We are our own worst enemy. We need to both depend upon God, to give us strength, but also take the responsibility, for the change we want, totally upon ourselves. We cannot achieve this, without divine intervention, but it will be us, that needs to exercise our will, to make these better choices. God will save us, but for it to work, we need to put our will in check and assume full responsibility, for all our choices and actions.

Our world is going into a very bad place, because we are taking the wrong strategy. We don't need more energy, more technology, or more knowledge, to solve our problems. To change the world for the better, we need to get control of our own lives. It is easy to solve everyone else's problem; it is hard to solve our own problems.

The reason why the world is so discouraging now is because we feel like we have no control over how the world works. We know some obvious things, that need to be done, that could fundamentally solve these problems. We have the power; we just do not have the will. We know the solution, but we are unwilling to pay the price.

The good news is that Jesus Christ has paid the price and we do have a solution, that everyone can be parts of and help out, that will really work. We do not need to be leaders, scholars, or businessmen, to solve these problems. We can make our world better, than it ever has been; we have the power, all by our individual selves. Any one of us can solve the worlds problems, all by ourself. The solution is to solve our problems, in our own individual lives. Embrace God, fix yourself and you will fix the world.

We may have no power politically, economically, or socially, but we have enormous spiritual power. People who mean well, all throughout history, have tried to make the world better and were often very well meaning and suffered greatly, but they never solved the problems, because they had the wrong strategy. Why do we, as Christians, believe that the spiritual things are the most important, but refuse to use them and try to solve the world without God's help, or don't do so, in the way that Christ showed?

Christ was not a military, economical, or political leader. He did not advocate for human rights, the environment, tolerance, or for gender equality. That does not mean that any of these things is not essential, for world to be truly just. The reason why the world is unjust is not because our leaders make bad choices and are selfish. The reason for these problems is that we are selfish and make bad choices.

We are the source of our own problems and we will not be the solution, yet the power and ability to change rests entirely, on our shoulders. We do not have the solution; God does. But it is our duty to follow His strategy and carry these ideas out, in our own lives. In this way, we will solve the world's problems, but God will rightly receive the credit.

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