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Benjamin-Newton Really Mobile: The Ends Never Justify the Means

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I have enjoyed watching a TV show called Burn Notice. In the fictitious situation in which a government intelligence contractor gets blacklisted, because of corruption in the intelligence agencies. One of the things his character says, on the show, that sticks with me is: If you are to work for the CIA, you will have to accept that they will do bad things for good reasons and good things for bad reasons.

We often think of ethics in terms of objectives. We think it is wrong to do something, because of our bad intentions. What really matters is not why you do something so much as what you do. You cannot start out doing something evil and expect something good to come out of it. People have the rights to believe anything they want to, no matter how crazy or ridiculous it is, but it is only when they attempt to hurt someone that they are breaking the law.

The sad thing, that happened recently, in the US is that people are afraid of death so much they will do anything to prolong it. People go through huge amounts of pain and their entire life savings just to live a year or two more. This is why Americans pay much more than the rest of the world for only I sightly better health care. Americans are so afraid of the very low chance that they will be hurt or killed from a terrorist attack, that we just threw away our entire constitution and reason for our nation's existence.

Many people have suffered greatly, to protect our system of government, which was purposely designed to limit any one person's ability to do anything they wanted. We just ended up implementing our own secret police, like the Gestapo, STASi, or KGB, just using computers instead of people informants. We have a higher chance of being killed by a toddler than we do of a terrorist attack. Generations of Americans have sacrificed greatly in many wars, some of them worldwide, to keep our system of government, so that we would never have to live in a country run by secret police.

Hitler was evil not because of his intentions, but because of how he treated people, in order to reach his objectives. Despite what you hear from academics, there is nothing wrong with Nationalism. Nationalism means promoting things, that are good for your country. Every government should be run this way. But when you try to destroy an entire race to do so, this is evil. Ironically, Hitler was actually elected into power, even though people knew he was going to be a dictator, because they had a stagnant economy and politicians could never agree on anything.

Many pro-NAZIs have tried to blame Poland for the Holocaust, but the only reason why the death camps were all in that country was that was where most of the Jewish people in Europe lived. Poland was a very powerful, progressive, wealthy, and tolerant country for centuries up until the 19th century. It was the best place to live in Europe, until the last couple centuries.

The reason why the French and English treated Jewish people better, during World War II, was that they kicked them out of their country, back in the Middle Ages. The English were the first to deport everyone practicing Judaism. When Jewish people escaped Germany, during Word War II to America, we wouldn't let them in and sent them back to Germany.

Americans did not know about the Holocaust until after the war, but American leaders did know, during the war. The Catholic church was running an intelligence operation against Hitler, so they are falsely blamed for promoting anti-Semitism, during World War II. And the British were the first to create concentration camps.

This is the way our justice system works, too. If you destroy property or hurt someone, in the process of promoting something positive, like government reform, you still go to prison. If you kill someone for a good reason, the living loved ones are not going to find your apology sufficient compensation, for their loss. If you destroy something, even by accident, you are responsible for replacing it or compensating the affected person's loss monetarily.

Some things are just wrong, no matter what the reason. While it is inevitable that people eventually die and in a relatively short period of time, for all of us, there is no excuse for torturing people. When someone sacrifices themselves for this country, especially if they prevent a whole war, we should be willing to go to war, to protect them and make sure they get home safely. If we need to be able to deny any involvement, if agents are caught, we need to not do that mission, in the first place.

People who are permanently disabled, because of injury sustained, while serving in the military, need to be well taken car,e of by the government, no matter what the cost. People serving in the military need to be paid a livable wage and priority for military expenditures should go first to inexpensive boring equipment, that really protects people on the battlefield. When we can have the best education system in the world, by buying one less aircraft, we need to focus on where the money can go the farthest.

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