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Benjamin-Newton Really Mobile: Moving Forward

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We are in the midst of an epic battle, and on an epic journey
We are blind to what is before us and yet we see beyond the horizon
We have wondered far from the path we know we must take
We are not afraid of what is before us, but rather what is within us
We have given the Holy Spirit access, to our hearts, but not our minds
Sometimes the answers do not come, in words, but are more like a feeling
Sometimes you fail to understand, yet you know what you must do
Sometimes it does not matter what has happened before
But is always matter what you do next
When you are totally lost, then only can you find yourself
Only when you totally give up, can you see God
Some people think the solution lies in secrets and in numbers
I believe that what we must do we already know
The path is not hard, because we lack understanding
It is difficult, because we lack self-control and discipline
Many would rather live like kings and give up friends
I would rather work forever, with no hope, than do nothing
The solutions are so very obvious
But we have no will, to commit to them
I want my country to be the best it can be
But no one wants our help
If you destroy a person's income source
And demolish their house and electrical grid
Merely sparing the persons life
Is not enough to base a friendship on
The same thing happens again and again
We have the same situation we had ten thousand years before
Our environmental problems directly reflect the state of our soul
We will not solve our problems, by finding ancient knowledge
Or by putting machines, into our hearts and minds
As we take each step, the road changes
We can always tell where it goes
Even when it seems to disappear
There is always hope within our hearts
Even as our soul abandons the future
It has been said ten thousand times
But we can barely remember it
It has been said in ten thousand voices
Yet we cannot make out the words
The answer is choice
And it is very much within our control
There is a direct connection
Between the state of our mind and of our world
There is always a way to deal with the situation
This is not an obstacle, that you will pass
It is more like a pack you need to carry
It has always been possible, for you to carry less
The burden is your very own making
We are often hard on ourselves
In what we think we should do
But the battle is not in the world, but in your mind
The way forward does not need to be so hard
We are never alone and He can carry more than a mule
Why we fight the battle alone
We will never be able to give a useful answer
That way forward is more about not doing things, rather than what we do
There are no silver bullets
Our freedom is dependent on our attitude
We need to fight our thoughts and not worry about others actions
The solutions are no hidden anywhere
And the steps forward are plain as day
We must continue to deal with this every day
But it can be a happy road
And it need not make us so weary
Sometimes we know not why we cry
Or we desire to stop trying
It is not for us, to know the future
Or be able to grasp the mind of God
All things happen, for a reason
But suffering is not easily explained
Life often treats us the same: monster and mother
We fight this daily
In our struggles we find
That all evil comes from immorality
We often suffer from the wrongs others have committed
It is ok to cry and be angry with God
Sometimes you even give up totally
But God will never leave you
And once you die, there will be no more pain

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