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Benjamin-Newton Really Mobile: What is so Unique About Christianity?

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Throughout most of recorded history, the ideology was religious in nature. In Africa, the supernatural and the community/ancestors were the focus, while in East and South Asia the focus was on ethics and discipline and abstract ideas (with less emphasis on the supernatural). Christianity brings with it a union of both ethics and discipline (of East and South Asia) with an acceptance of the importance of both community and the supernatural (of Africa).

The beginning of the anti-religious sentiment starts with Plato and Aristotle, in Late Antiquity, but didn't really start until the Renaissance and Reformation. With the huge expansion of European wealth and power, people challenged both the Church and the government and formed what is now the modern world, with the one world economy, run by capitalism/imperialism.

The basis of our modern world is atheism, which has some direct philosophical parallel to Paganism, in that the values are beauty and strength. The reason our entire world is running out of resources is because we have been so afraid of death, that we keep making more and more food, to feed the ever increasing population, and won't let our elderly die, when they are ready.

What life really comes down to is are you a person who follows rules or someone who breaks them? Do you feel a need to risk your life, to feel happy, or do you find joy in things others may say are boring? Are you willing to put off immediate pleasure, for long term happiness? Can you find joy, in working for others? Can you feel free, even when you have a boss?

Christianity is the one true religion, which has a God that really exists, is all powerful, and is truly good. It is not like, in many belief systems, that you are all alone spiritually that you don't strive, to better yourself, and do what is good, without a tangible reason. Christianity sets you free, because what we need more than anything else is God living within us and forgiveness of our sins.

We are truly our own greatest enemies. After saying a simple prayer and believing in one simple truth, you can be sure where you will live after you die, forever. The only real thing you have to do, before you die, is plan for the hereafter. You truly change with God in your life, because you literally have God living within you and divinely intervening, in your life and most importantly providing all that you need, to live a good life and experience true joy and peace.

When you enter into the Christian faith, you give up some things like popularity and the ability to fit in. You will appear absurd and irrational to most people. Christians are not part of the world's values, or its system of relationships. Christians do things for others and make sacrifices for others, when there is no obvious gain for themselves. This does not make sense to someone that only values beauty and strength.

People ask me why do I put all this work into my books and websites without anyway to make money? This comes right to the heart of the key issue, that separates the modern world and traditional Christianity. Is there something you would give your life for, or spend your life working for, that does not push your own fame, wealth, power, ideas, or agenda?

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