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Benjamin-Newton Really Mobile: Quick Answers

Why Web Design is Hard

A lot of people think that websites are easy to build and that they cost nothing to run, but nothing is free. And scale is everything. There is a reason people get paid for doing nothing, but just helping websites to be found on Google. Web design is a vast field and there are new techniques and software coming out everyday.

Many have tried over the years to make making websites easier, but all approaches just shift the difficulty into other areas or severely restrict your capabilities. Web design is the most difficult design ever conceived, as the same design needs to work on everything from a watch to a billboard. And people want access to the entire website on a mobile phone. And people expect everything to be instantaneous.

There is so much competition that customers can demand this. The latest business trend is trying to run a business without paying out any money for services. Many businesses are outright scams and people know this. An established company has a huge advantage when there are a huge number of small undifferentiated companies to compete with. You have to take a risk or you will never achieve anything - the bigger the risk, the bigger the potential pay off.

Web design is the key to business success today, but few running businesses are willing to accept that and so there are few paying jobs in this field. And although content is the key to drawing people to websites, few people or businesses are willing pay much for writing. At the same time, no one wants to read anything and more people are writing then ever before.

People also expect content to be very low priced or free and if it isn't cheap or easy enough to get in their preferred format, they will just steal it. There is no technological way to keep someone from sharing and copying whatever they get a copy of. The real money is in the hardware and that is why Apple doesn't try to make any money on software or media.

This is why I realized early on that I would never make any money with my website. The key to making money in an digital endeavor is to take a risk and get in early on a technology, before the situation becomes crowded. You could make a simple game and make a fortune on it on the Apple App Store, when it first came out, but now it is difficult to even be found. Most people who made money off of You Tube started early on. The most difficult and necessary thing to survive today as a business is to differentiate yourself - that is why Apple hardware sells for so much more than Windows or Android run hardware, even 30 years later.

Why so Much Text on Each Page?

Most websites are focusing more on video and forget that the big change in the Internet now is that there are a few more billion people getting online in the next few years. It is exciting to see that we will have more influence from the third world, as they make up the majority of everyone living.

So far, the Internet has almost universal presence only in Europe, the United States and East Asia, but Africa and South America are poorly represented. Most tech people do not care, because there is little money to be made there, but I am not trying to make money, but to spread information to people who think like I do or have had similar experiences as I have had.

This is why I put so much information, on each page, that tells about my site and the basic formatting is attached, all to one file. This is done, because, even in the US, many people live in areas or get access to the Internet while traveling where there is inconsistent coverage. Many times in the third world the power is not always on and can go off days at a time.

My site is hard to find, because I do not promote it on social media, so people do not say mean things about me. One someone has found one of my pages, I want them to be able to find me again and learn about me, even when they cannot connect to the Internet. Another point is that although downloading the same thing again and again like this is less efficient, it is not very demanding relatively, because not only does text take up very little space, it compresses very well and I have that setup for my website. This is also why I recommend people to download my books and other free media I am giving away with a few restrictions, depending on whether is is a book, a set of photos, designs, or music.

I really recommend anyone making use of the Internet consider worst case scenarios, because computers always fail, at least sometimes, so be sure your content works, even when other things will inevitably break. I do not depend upon Javascript and use no server side languages like PHP, Python, or Perl and do not use a CMS like Wordpress, both to make my website more secure, but I also like to rely on as little software as possible, so that there are fewer components that can fail. Many people have learned this the hard way when they have used point and click web design services that end up not delivering good results or invested heavily in Adobe Flash technologies that have never and will never work on any iPad or iPhone.

I got bitten by this recently, when I used a third party hosting, for my files, to make them load faster in other part sof the world, but they locked my account without telling me and I only owed $2, but the credit card number changed, so they decided to disconnect my service. I try to do as much as I can myself, because everybody nowadays, where I live, expect huge amounts of money for little to no service, so much so that I truly believe their greatest fear is doing their job properly. Instead of using the Internet, to improve oneself and learn more, people are depending on the Internet, so that they don't have to bother to learn anything, in the first place.


All Books are Only in E-Book formats (digital files)

How to Download Files?

On an iPad or iPhone, for PDFs, Double Tap on the Document and choose Open in iBooks, in Upper Right Hand corner. For JPEG or PNG images, on an iPad or iPhone, Touch and Hold for a Second and choose to Save from Pop-up Menu.

On a Desktop or Laptop Computer, the PDFs will Download Automatically after Left Clicking on Link in Web Page, and Right Click on Link in Web Page and choose Save As to save JPEGs or PNGs for Direct Links to Bare Images. On a Desktop or Laptop Computer, for JPEGs or PNGs In a Webpage, Right Click on Image and Choose Save As.

Can't Find Downloaded Files?

Look in Your Downloads or (My) Documents Folder on Desktop or Laptop Computer and iBooks (for PDFs) or Photos (for Images) on an iPad or iPhone.

Want to Ever See this Website Again?

  • Always Reload or Refresh each of my pages, when Returning to any part, of any of my websites, after your first visit, as I Update my websites very frequently (often multiple times a day).
  • Unfortunately, web browsers save the version of the webpage, as it was, when you first visited it, and shows this this Old version to you, upon every following visit, until you hit Reload or Refresh.
  • Also remember, to 🔖 Bookmark my website, right now, as you might find it hard, to 🔎 Find my website again.
  • Unfortunately, computers in general and 🔎 Search engines, in particular, are not as capable, as they seem, which means that my website cannot be reliably found, if you are depending on Google or Bing.
  • No one can get their website reliably featured on Google, for appropriate search terms, no matter how much they pay, or how big a brand they have.
  • Google constantly changes and will never release the criteria they use, to determine who get featured first, on the search results, for a given set of keywords.
  • Even typing in the name of my website, in your location/search bar, without the exact syntax, will give you unpredictable results.
  • You can add my website, as an icon, on your Apple mobile device (iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone, or iPod Touch only), with all your app icons, like just another app.
  • Click on the first icon to the left of the address bar on your Apple device, where you add bookmarks, and choose "Add to Home Screen."

Do You Choose Speed Over Beauty?

Want a more responsive and faster (but also plainer and less exciting) style of this website network? This is also called "flat design" or minimalism. Just disable Javascript. This is possible in almost every browser and on almost every device. This is the same style Internet Explorer 8 and smartphones get.

Works on every site, except for galleries and main book pages (it doesn't cause any problems in the galleries and main book pages; they just aren't affected). Simple functions like print page buttons, hide header and footer, search in page, code samples syntax highlighting and formatting, and the like will not work, with Javascript disabled.

The special font, a lot of the high resolution version of images, and the inline description labeling file formats for the links will also not be visible, with the plainer version, either. The special effects with my logo or my face will not appear on this simplified version, as well.

Downloads Situation

I just found out yesterday that most my downloads (which I have on a different server/service) have been unavailable for 1-3 months, due to a change in credit cards. Although I only owed $2, they decided to cut off my service and not tell me.

The service is completely restored, but I am moving things over as fast as possible to the main site. Things may not be as fast as otherwise, but things will at least be accessible.

The problem with the other service is that they billed monthly, so I was not able to make sure everything was right and pay the bill ahead of time for a year (like I do with all my other services and websites). I will never again depend on a monthly billed service, so this problem should never happen again.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I know how annoying this is, when I run into it on other websites. The lesson is to depend upon as few people as possible, because everyone seems to screw up the most simple things, no matter how reputable the brand is.

Everything is currently available now, but I am being proactive. Everything is finally moved over to my server hosting and I do not depend on or use this service for anything anymore. This will make downloading things slower in places like China, India, South America, and Africa, but this is still better than not being available at all.

Security is a Serious Issue

Celebrating No Ads, for at Least the Last 10 years. I only had ads, for the first few years, when I could not afford to pay for a website, when I started out on Tripod, in 1998. I currently use about 10 ad blockers at once, for my web browser, on both my iPad and iMac. None of these ad blockers interferes with my website display or functionality in any way. I encourage you to use them.

I recommend you use ad blockers and do not feel sorry about it at all, as the online advertisers have forced our hand. You cannot even see content, on many websites, because of the ads. Now there is even malware, that comes with ads, even on legitimate websites, like

I use no cookies, trackers, ads, analytics, or collect any personal information from users, for any reason. None of my downloads have spyware or adware in any of them. I use a Mac and an iPad, so there should be no viruses or worms in them, either.

At one time, I offered people to buy print versions of my books, at cost, but I have removed this capability, because of no interest. There are currently no things to buy from my website. I am not trying to make any money off my website, or even to pay for its creation and hosting costs. I never thought I would and I never plan to, in the future.

I only use a couple different light utility functions in Javascript, like for loading the CSS file and search. If you ever experience ads on my website or anything annoying like that, they are not from me. If you use a free wifi from Comcast, they unethically may insert ads into sites, that don't have ads, like mine. I will be putting in a major upgrade, that requires a huge amount of work, to block anyone's ability to do that, verry soon.

Do not trust anything you see online. Expect everything to be a scam, unless proven otherwise and give out as little information as possible, no matter what the reason. Anything can be faked. Just because something looks legitimate doesn't mean it is. The future of malware is likely ransomware. Randsomeware is when someone takes control of your data or device and make you pay money to unlock it.

Remember, there will be a more and more scams and security problems, over time. You will need to do things, to increase your security, over the years, to fix new threats. It is very easy to hack computers and very difficult to secure them. Computer security could be much better, if even basic industry standard security practices were followed. The problem is that people are too cheap.

When your information gets stolen, it is usually not from you, but from someone else, who has your information. If you were a hacker, would you target one person's individual computer, that has, at the most, one person's information, when you can attack a big store like Target and get millions of people's private information, at once?

Do whatever you need to protect yourself. Never buy any software from anywhere, except from a curated app store like Apple's. Avoid free software, as many open source software packages now even include malware in them, as well. Uninstall Flash and Java and never install any plugins or any other software needed, to see a website, for any reason.

Avoid accessing websites from within app store apps, not preinstalled by your OS. Avoid giving personal information to social networks or free services, as the never actually delete anything and have poor security. Do not give apps access to any personal information, including contacts or photos.

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